I Am Rickey Cummings


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Thank you in advance for your support as we work to raise funds to elevate Rickey’s profile and help his push for justice. Our primary aim is to raise money to support Rickey and this campaign as we fight earnestly for his freedom. Everyone involved in the fight to Free Rickey Cummings is a volunteer, spending their own time and money to help save Rickey’s life.

Any amount you can give–no matter large or small–will be greatly appreciated! You can donate to Rickey’s cause via PayPal below.

The Holding Vigil Booklet
As part of an excited project, a seven page booklet featuring Rickey in a conversation about death penalty abolition and social practice was recently printed by Mark Menjivar. Erin Segal, publisher at Thick Press, was also in conversation with artist Mark Menjivar about social practice (aka socially engaged art) and anti-death penalty activism, in an online piece you can find at the link below. Thick Press and Mark are collaborated with Rickey, on the booklet entitled, “Holding Vigil”.

I Am Ricky Cummings | Support Texas Death Row Innocent Prisoner